Look after your feet this summer!

Perth’s sunny summer is upon us, and D-day for our New Year’s resolutions are fast approaching. This combination of great weather and a newfound motivation for exercising can cause issues […]

When Can I Return to Exercise Post Birth?

It is common practice to seek physiotherapy advice following orthopaedic surgery, yet it is not so common to seek physiotherapy input following pregnancy and birth. Here we discuss why we […]

Can Physio Help My Dizziness?

Dizziness is defined as “a sensation of spinning around and losing one’s balance”. It can be caused by a multitude of conditions, including neck pain. Dizziness can be extremely debilitating […]

Growing pains; Pain in children and adolescents

Children and adolescents are known to be very active and undergo regular growth spurts. These sudden changes in height and increasing load on their joints can increase the chance of […]

For the love of tennis!

To many, tennis is an exciting sport, particularly during the summer with the Australian Open looming. It involves a lot of high speed, repetitive movements for your upper body and […]

Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement is a common presentation in a physio clinic. Patients often report pain in the front and outside of the shoulder during overhead or repetitive movements. Shoulder impingement occurs […]

Achilles Tendinopathy

Given the current social distancing measures and restrictions on the use of gyms, exercise classes and organised sport, we have noticed an increase in people exercising outdoors to keep fit and pass the time, […]

Managing COVID-19 at Cannington Physio

The wellbeing of our patients and staff is always our top priority. We wanted to personally reach out and share a few of the steps we’re taking to maintain your wellbeing […]

Back to School Tips from your Physio

The school year is well underway & we would like to provide a few physiotherapy suggestions to ensure your kids get off on the right foot. A common question we […]

Are you waking up stiff and sore?

Did you know that 1/3 of our lifetime is spent sleeping? Therefore, making sure that our sleep is good quality is very important. When we sleep, our body uses this […]

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