Acute Hip Joint Pain

Patients complain of acute pain in the groin and/or front of the hip joint. The localisation of the pain is important to help determine which structure may be causing the pain.

Most common causes of acute hip/groin pain are strains of the adductors, hip flexors or injuries to the hip joint itself i.e labral tear, chrondral injury, synovitis. Hip joint injuries can be difficult to diagnose as they are often present in association with other conditions which cause pain.

Some Common Causes of Hip Pain

Adductor Muscle Strains/Adductor Tendinopathy

What are the Signs & Symptoms?

  • Localised tenderness over groin muscles or front of hip joint
  • Pain on stretching the adductor muscles
  • Pain on resisted adduction or combined flexion/ adduction
  • Pain develops with activity

Hip Flexor Strains

What are the Signs & Symptoms?

  • Poorly localised deep ache in one side of the groin
  • Pain on iliopsoas stretch, that is exacerbated with resisted hip flexion while on stretch

Hip Joint Injuries

What are the Signs & Symptoms?

  • Pain from the hip joint may be felt in a number of areas (hip joint, groin, lateral thigh and low back or referred down front of thigh to knee)
  • Normally described as a dull ache
  • May be associated with clicking or catching sensation
  • Pain may be worse in morning or after activity

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