Cannington Physiotherapy has been serving the Cannington community since the 1990’s. Over that time we have witnessed children become adults, adults become parents and parents become grandparents. We proudly see ourselves as part of the community and value the relationships we have developed with our clients.

As Cannington has grown so has Cannington Physiotherapy. We have fourteen highly trained and motivated clinicians who all share the same passion for improving your health.

Cannington Physiotherapy offers a variety of services to help you achieve your goals including:

    • Hydrotherapy


      Many people have heard the word ‘Hydrotherapy’ but don’t really know what it involves. Hydrotherapy is a form of exercise and treatment within heated water, which can help to reduce muscle tension and improve range of motion. It is especially …Continue Reading »
    • Is your work becoming a pain in the neck?

      Is your work becoming a pain in the neck?

      When people think of Physiotherapy, many instantly think of the management of sports related injuries. Whilst this is certainly a part of what we do, work related aches, pains and injuries are another common specialty of a Physiotherapist.  We all …Continue Reading »
    • Get Netball Ready

      Get Netball Ready

      Winter Netball is just about to commence, and now is the perfect time to ensure your body is ready to play, and hopefully get through the season Injury free! Here at Cannington Physiotherapy we have several Physiotherapists who have a …Continue Reading »