When should I see a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapist’s are all University trained to ensure your injury is thoroughly assessed and correctly diagnosed. There are many circumstances that you should see a Physio some of the most common include:

  • If you have any bruising, swelling, stiffness or a deformity
  • If you have sustained an injury (at work, in a car accident or playing sport)
  • If you’re experiencing muscle or joint aches or pains
  • If you have pins and needles or numbness
  • If you would like advice on weight loss and exercise programmes
  • If you experience muscle weakness or joints giving way
  • If you have problems with your balance or falling
  • If you need advice on exercise or improving strength, fitness or flexibility
  • If you are returning to work or sport from an injury or surgery
  • If you want to improve your sporting performance
  • If you’ve recently had a baby, and are experiencing pain
  • If you have problems with continence

This list is by no means exhaustive and if you have a question about a specific problem you should talk to a physio. There is no charge for advice.

Why should I see a Physiotherapist at Cannington Physiotherapy?

All our Physiotherapists are fully qualified and all regularly attend continuing education sessions to ensure they will incorporate the most up to date assessment and treatment techniques available to ensure you receive the best evidence-based treatment, and get you reaching your goals faster.

Do I need a referral from my GP to see a Physiotherapist?

If you are seeking treatment for an injury which is a Workers’ Compensation Claim, after a Motor Vehicle accident or if you wish to be treated under the Medicare EPC program you do need a GP referral.

Note: Veteran’s Affairs clients do need a doctor’s referral, but one a year is usually fine. If you already have a referral it is good for 12 months.

Can I claim my Private Health on Physiotherapy Treatment?

Yes, if you have ancillary (Physiotherapy) cover on your Private Health you should receive a rebate on our services (including groups and classes run by physios). Please remember that rebates and services covered vary between insurers and policies. We recommend that you check with you individual health fund to find out exactly what you get back.

Is Physiotherapy covered by Medicare?

Physio can be covered by Medicare but you need a referral from your GP under the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program. You may be eligible for up to 5 allied health (ie. Physiotherapy, Podiatry etc.) sessions per year. Your GP must decide whether or not your injury is appropriate to be treated under this scheme.

Can I swipe my Private Health Card and claim directly at your clinic?

Yes, each of our Clinics have direct rebate facilities. Due to the large number of Health funds some funds do not have direct rebate services; we can check this for you in the Clinic.

How long does an initial consultation take?

The length of treatment depends on a number of factors including:

  • The area of injury
  • The type of injury
  • Your stage of recovery
  • How much pain you are in
  • How irritable your symptoms are

It often takes a little longer during your initial consultation than follow up sessions as your Physio will want to perform a few extra assessment techniques and ask a few extra questions to ensure they make the most accurate diagnosis of your problem. Generally initial consults will take between 20-40minutes.

One of our Physio’s can give you a more accurate estimation of consult time by asking you these questions over the Phone.

Are there discounts for Concession Holders?

Yes, to find out how much a Concession consultation will cost, please phone.

What should I wear to treatment?

Generally you should wear something loose fitting, ideally your Physio should be able to see the affected area to treat it effectively. Given this you may need to remove some articles of clothing. If you are uncomfortable with this or would like a Physio of a specific sex to be treating you, mention this to the person taking your booking.

Should I bring anything to my treatment session?

Yes, if you have a referral, any scans (X-rays, MRI’s, ultrasounds etc.) or any important information related to you complaint/injury, bring them and give it to your Physio.

Do I need an X-Ray or a scan before I come for Physiotherapy treatment?

No, you don’t routinely require a scan prior to treatment. Your Physio will ask you a series of questions, and while your examination will advise you as to whether you need any further imaging to assist in your treatment.

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