Are you waking up stiff and sore?

Did you know that 1/3 of our lifetime is spent sleeping? Therefore, making sure that our sleep is good quality is very important. When we sleep, our body uses this […]


Many people have heard the word ‘Hydrotherapy’ but don’t really know what it involves. Hydrotherapy is a form of exercise and treatment within heated water, which can help to reduce […]

Is your work becoming a pain in the neck?

When people think of Physiotherapy, many instantly think of the management of sports related injuries. Whilst this is certainly a part of what we do, work related aches, pains and […]

Get Netball Ready

Winter Netball is just about to commence, and now is the perfect time to ensure your body is ready to play, and hopefully get through the season Injury free! Here […]

Private Health Reforms

In 2018, the Federal Government announced its plans to make certain natural therapies ineligible for private health insurance rebates. Among these was Pilates. Our Physio Exercise Sessions draw from elements […]

Physio Exercise Sessions

Physio Exercise Sessions (Previously Known As Physio Pilates) are individual to you and your current needs and comprise of various exercises that target problem areas. The session is small- one Physio […]

Physiotherapy in Pregnancy

Due to changes with the body during pregnancy (hormonal, fluid, weight changes), there are numerous musculoskeletal disorders that can develop. Like a lot of conditions, prevention is the key! Being […]

Meet George

This is George. He has been a patient of ours since 2011. George has always been a regular at our weekly exercise sessions and has always been very diligent at […]

Dry Needling Explained

Dry needling has become more common recently as an effective physiotherapy treatment tool for many musculoskeletal problems. Dry needling is an evidence based treatment that has many known effects and […]

Lets Hop To It – An Easter Message

Well it’s been a very busy start to 2018 at Cannington Physiotherapy. The winter sport’s season is only weeks away. We trust that you have all been working very hard […]

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