Hydrotherapy is a form of exercise and treatment within heated water. Our hydrotherapy classes are individualised and supervised by a physiotherapist. Water has four main therapeutic benefits that make hydrotherapy so effective, these include:

  • The warmth of the water allows for increased blood flow and aids with muscle relaxation.
  • The hydrostatic pressure from the water can assist with swelling.
  • The buoyancy (or weightlessness) effect of water improves mobility and allows for gentle exercise to be completed without compressive loading of the painful joints.
  • The water can be used as a resistive force to improve strength and stability through specific exercises.

Hydrotherapy classes are an hour in duration and are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. Please remember to bring clothing to wear in the pool. The pool has a number of change rooms that are available.

The hydrotherapy pool is located less than one minute from our clinic on the corner of Wharf Street and Sevenoaks Street in Cannington.

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