Welcome to Cannington Physiotherapy

Cannington Physiotherapy has been serving the Cannington community since the 1990’s. Over that time we have witnessed children become adults, adults become parents and parents become grandparents. We proudly see ourselves as part of the community and value the relationships we have developed with our clients.

As Cannington has grown so has Cannington Physiotherapy. We have twelve highly trained and motivated clinicians who all share the same passion for improving your health.

Cannington Physiotherapy offers a variety of services to help you achieve your goals including:

    • Physiotherapy : The Right Choice

      Physiotherapy : The Right Choice

      Did you know that GP’s refer to Physiotherapists more than any other Health Professional? Physiotherapists are pretty talented people (even if we do say so ourselves) but despite this a lot of people are unsure when to see a physio …Continue Reading »
    • June a Balanced Month

      June a Balanced Month

                        Cannington Physiotherapy would like to welcome you to the first in a series of videos that we will be uploading over the next few months. Each video will be based around …Continue Reading »
    • Another Season, Another Hamstring Strain

      Another Season, Another Hamstring Strain

      The AFL season is well and truly under way, unfortunately with every season there are two things we see time and time again: 1. Dubious umpiring decisions and, 2. Hamstring strains. To avoid starting any arguments between our Eagles and …Continue Reading »