Is your back starting to feel like Michael Clarke’s?

Do you have hamstrings like the Marsh brothers?

Cannington Physiotherapy is the solution. With the lengthy cricket season in full swing, impact and fatigue related injuries are becoming more and more common.
With up to 8x the bowlers body weight being transferred through the front foot on delivery. Disc injuries, stress fractures and lumbar muscle strains are very common in fast bowlers. These can be debilitating if not caught early and treated correctly.

Fielding can have its issues as well. Fielders often develop severe shoulder pain with repetitive throwing. Training as well as games can cause progressive overload. This, in association with poor technique can result in a condition called GIRD (Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit) where excessive external rotation and a loss of internal rotation can cause impingement and throwing athletes to lose all power. This can be managed with certain exercises and biomechanical correction.

Our therapists play a variety of sports, know the sports and understand the injuries that relate to them. Whatever the case may be, injuries can limit participation and enjoyment so why not book an appointment today and get it sorted out before it becomes a chronic condition.


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