Shin Splints

Now that winter sports season has kicked off, we are starting to see more clients coming in with aches and pains related to their sport.
One of the most common presentations we are seeing at Cannington Physiotherapy is “shin splints”. This is a commonly used term, but often poorly understood condition. Here is a bit of information that might help to clarify what shin splints are and how you can best treat this painful and limiting injury!

What are they?
• Shin splints are an overuse injury, which can slowly get worse over time.
• They generally refer to the inflammation due to injury of the soft tissues around the shin bone. Pain is felt along the shin bone, in one or both legs, and is often worse at the start or end of exercise.

Who is at risk?
• Shin Splints occur most commonly in running sports.
• A primary culprit causing shin splints is a sudden increase in distance or intensity of a workout schedule, which often happens at the beginning of the sporting season.
• Shin splints can be particularly problematic in growing teenagers, as the muscles are trying to adjust.
• Often a tendency of the foot to roll excessively inward onto the arch can be a contributing factor. Also, a tight Achilles tendon or weak ankle muscles can cause the development of shin splints.

It is really important to see a Physiotherapist if you suspect you may be experiencing shin splints, as there is definitely a lot that can be done! Firstly, we will assess the reason as to why someone might have developed shin splits, and then provide individualized treatment. This can involve fitting shoes with sports orthotics, which are inexpensive and very effective in managing shin pain. Also, Massage, dry needling and exercises often play a big role for many patients. So definitely don’t delay, and come and see us today!