School Bags and Back Pain.

We brought this to your attention a few years ago but we wanted to take a minute to reflect on all the kids heading back to school and what it means for there little bodies.

School is back! Whether you think this is a good thing or a bad thing, we have something for you to consider.

When was the last time you picked up your child’s school bag?

It seems every year the amount of books kids need to take to school is increasing and as a result of this extra weight we are beginning to see an increase in childhood back pain. Statics released by the Victorian Government have suggested that around 70% of Australian school children may suffer back pain from carrying to heavy schoolbags and poor lifting techniques. Risks include muscle strains and a gradual change of spinal position all of which can linger into adulthood.

There are lots of different ways to minimise the amount of stress on these little spines, having the right bag is one thing but making sure it has been adjusted specifically to fit your child is just as important. What works for one does not work for all.

Here at Cannington Physiotherapy our physiotherapist are all too familiar with back pain and how it can affect people in all stages of the lifespan. If your child is complaining of back pain why not bring them down with their school bag and we will happily assess the type of bag, lifting technique and provide ways to help minimise and relieve the pain.

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