With the football and netball season now in full swing it is an important time to
make mention of ways to reduce ankle sprains and how to effectively overcome
these injuries. Cannington Physiotherapists have long supported the need for
effective balance training (also called proprioceptive training) to reduce the
incidence and recurrence of ankle sprains. We now have even more research to
support our plans.

A 3 year study of High School University Football teams reported in “The American Journal of Sports Medicine” showed that a simple 5 minute per day balance program reduced the incidence of non contact inversion ankle sprains by a massive 77%.

From experience may athletes find balance training a little boring but it makes sense
to add some simple exercises between sets in your weights workout to reduce
your injury risk.

Here are some simple exercises to use (at your own risk):

  • 1 Leg Squats
  • Jump forward and
    backwards  x 8 reps
  • Hop forward and backwards x
    8 reps
  • Side Jumps x 8
  • Jump Turn (turning 90
    degrees each jump) 1 x clockwise and 1 x anti clockwise
  • Try some with your eyes
    closed (make sure you are in open area with no obstacles)

Physiotherapists can guide you on advance training, using exercises such as:

  • 1 leg Balance and Squat on a BOSU ball
  • Side hops onto a BOSU ball
  • Wobble Board balancing and Squat
  • Side Step and change direction

Make sure you are under guidance with a qualified Cannington Physiotherapy Physiotherapist for such activities


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