Due to changes with the body during pregnancy (hormonal, fluid, weight changes), there are numerous musculoskeletal disorders that can develop. Like a lot of conditions, prevention is the key! Being educated and aware of some of these common conditions can reduce the risk of developing pain or can settle it down quickly if early signs of pain are recognised.

Common areas of pain include:

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pain can either be at the pubic joint or sacro-illiac joint (central lower pelvis). Commonly felt with ‘shearing’ type forces like standing on one leg, getting out of the car, walking upstairs, vacuuming and rolling in bed.

Wrist pain 

During pregnancy, carpal tunnel syndrome can be the more common type of wrist pain. This is due to the increased swelling/fluid in the body which takes up space in the tunnel (palm side of the wrist) where there are tendons, vessels and nerves. Symptoms can include pain, numbness/tingling or sometimes weakness in the hand. Postnatally, De Quervains syndrome is more common on the thumb side of the wrist due to repetitive lifting and carrying of the baby.

Lower back pain

Pain can be localised to the lower back (lumbar spine) or sometimes can refer into the back of the legs. Usually occurs with prolonged positions (sitting or standing) or repetitive movements. A physio assessment can differentiate whether pain is coming from the spine or from the pelvis.

Thoracic/Rib Pain

As the baby grows, the body needs to make some room! The lower ribs expand to allow for the growing tummy and as the ribs attach to the thoracic spine, this can sometimes cause some stiffness or pain. Thoracic pain can also sometimes be felt with deep breathing. Thoracic pain is also very common after delivery due to carrying the baby and breastfeeding.

Treatment for these conditions can vary depending on how far along in the pregnancy you are, the severity of pain and what is involved in your day to day tasks.

Our physiotherapists can tailor a treatment plan to help you manage your pain throughout the pregnancy and also postnatally. Call today to book an appointment 9351 8737 or you can book online.

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