kneeCannington Physiotherapy would like to help our athletes keep playing for longer.

The Success of Netball Australia’s KNEE program has brought to light the importance of improving how much stress we place on our knees when playing sport.

Unfortunately some injuries are bound to happen but we believe with certain exercises and a better understanding you can reduce your risk of sitting on the sidelines, for example; are you aware that wearing new shoes when playing netball actually increases your risk of tearing your ACL?

To help break down your risk of a lower limb injury, Cannington Physio is offering Knee Injury Risk Assessments. The assessment will take you through a number of tests to help identify and reduce any potential risk factors.

Whether your play Netball, Football or Lawn Bowls, understanding your strengths and weaknesses will help you perform at your peak.

If you would like to know more, please call and speak with one of our lovely staff members on 9351 8737.

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