Cannington Physiotherapy would like to welcome you to the first in a series of videos that we will be uploading over the next few months. Each video will be based around a different stretch or exercise. These videos will be found on our homepage, YouTube and Facebook page and we will provide some back ground information here.

Our first topic is Balance and some of you may recognise our balance extraordinaire

Balance is the ability to control your body’s position, whether stationary or while moving.

Balance training is often neglected when people are developing their exercise or sporting regime.  This may be because they don’t understand the benefits of balance training.

Balance is a key component of fitness, along with strength, endurance, and flexibility. Balance is essential in preventing falls as people age, as well as for every day functional tasks such as reaching up to get something from the cupboard, or walking on uneven ground. In the sporting population, balance is pivotal in attaining the skills used to change direction, maintain a position or complete relevant skills such as kicking a ball.

There are various ways to perform balance exercises. Equipment like a stability ball, BOSU ball, or balance board can be incorporated.

Also don’t forget to check back from time to time as we continue to update our videos.


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