When people think of Physiotherapy, many instantly think of the management of sports related injuries. Whilst this is certainly a part of what we do, work related aches, pains and injuries are another common specialty of a Physiotherapist. 

We all spend such a long time at work, and unfortunately, many jobs require repetitive movements or sustained postures, which can lead to pain. Here at Cannington Physiotherapy we regularly assess and treat people for work related pain, both privately, and those who are under workers compensation. Some of the typical presentations include neck pain and headaches from desk-based work, wrist and arm pain from repetitive overuse, as well as lower back and shoulder injuries from lifting/bending.

 The good news is, that most of these issues are preventable, and seeing your Physiotherapist can be a step in the right direction to avoiding any serious injuries. We are often providing our clients with postural exercises and office ergonomic advice, to help minimise the strain on the body, as well as manual handling education and strengthening exercises for safe lifting practise. 

Take a look at this diagram for a work station set up to get some ideas for your own desk.

We have also included a short video demonstrating a good lifting technique. It’s a helpful tool if you are required to lift at work, so take a look!

Finally, if you are one of the many people to sustain an injury at work and find yourself on workers compensation, it is important to know that you have a right to choose your doctor and Physiotherapist. Having the best team on your side will make sure you return to work as soon as possible, with full recovery, and Cannington Physiotherapy are more than happy to help!

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