Unfortunately with our busy lifestyles it’s hard to find time to exercise, I think it’s safe to say that you spend more time in Perth’s wonderful traffic than you do looking after your
body. What you may not realise is that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym
to improve your health.

Here at Cannington Physiotherapy we are all embarking on a healthy lifestyle challenge and we want you to join us. Over the next two months all of us here will be taking on one
simple task to help improve health.

Have a read below at what some of the staff will be doing as their own personal challenges and what hints they have to help you follow along.

Kelsey Wheeler plans to put the water where her mouth is!


  • Keeping  the body hydrated is so important, it decreases the stress on the heart,
    reduces the risk of injury and helps keep the muscles and tendons healthy and
  • Whether  you are sitting at a desk or exercising in a gym you are always slowly chipping away at your body’s water supply and nothing is better at helping you rehydrate
    then good old fashioned water.
  • My HintBuy yourself a really good water bottle and keep in mind what your
    needs are i.e. does it need to fit in my bag, can I fill my bottle up at my
  • REMEMBER: Sugary drinks, coffee and tea don’t count as drinking water



Lydia Holle realises her birthday has been and gone and it’s time
to cut down on the cake.


  • We all get that craving for some sugar especially through winter. I find many good excuses to sneak some sugary delight but I’m taking our Healthy Lifestyle Challenge as a way to kick the habit.
  • Everything in moderation is good, there is no good or bad food, it all provides us with nutrients to help fuel our bodies. However too much of a good thing can be bad
    and too much sweetness can lead to some serious health issues such as obesity
    or type II diabetes.
  • My Hint – plan ahead, often we make the wrong choices because sugary foods are usually the easiest to find. Before you leave home make sure you pack some
    healthy alternatives to snack on throughout the day to help stop that afternoon
    sugar craving.
  • Remember: Beating a sugar craving is tricky! Cravings normally start during the second or third week. Take it slow and allow yourself a cheat once a week to
    help reduce your cravings.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the first instalment of our Healthy Lifestyle Challenge. Stay tuned as more of the staffs personal challenges and handy hints will be appearing over the next few weeks.


If you need help with your own Healthy Lifestyle Challenge feel free to ask during your next treatment or drop us an email at admin@canningtonphysio.com.au and we will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

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