Spring is finally here and it’s around this time of the year that people start heading to the gym trying to find there new summer body. Whilst exercise is good, too much exercise can make you unwell. Over working your body can increase your body’s response to inflammation and lower your immune system.

On a positive note, in a recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine looked at the effect of weight training on the molecules involved in reducing our body’s response to inflammation. In this study 14 men completed a weights circuit consisting of 10 exercises.

The results
• Moderate to high intensity exercise did not affect the inflammatory markers in the body
• Immune System function was not affected by the resistance training program.

Whilst this is always good to read ensure that you don’t over work in the gym as high levels of fatigue will increase your risk of injury and illness. From our experience in exercise, weight loss and injury prevention, it is important that people combine all aspects of health. A combination of good nutrition, resistance training and cardiovascular fitness will keep you in the gym and away from the doctors.

If you are worried that you’re doing too much in the gym, why not book in and discuss your routine with one of our highly trained Physiotherapist. Our Physios will be able to identify risk factors in your routine and help you modify your exercises to reduce the risk of injury or illness.

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