Dry Needling Refresher!

Early this year Cannington Physiotherapy was lucky to welcome two new experienced staff members to the practice, Cathy Smith and Emma Henderson.

Cathy and Emma come to us with a wealth of experience and are highly trained in Dry Needling and because of this we thought it would be nice to give our valued patients a refresher on dry needling and its many benefits.

Dry needling consists of the insertion of thin, sterile, stainless steel needles into trigger points in muscles. The needles are stimulated by twisting or moving the needle to elicit a twitch response.

Dry needling is primarily used to assist with pain and stiffness associated with tight muscles. Dry needling can also help improve joint motion and help boost the body’s healing response after injury.

One of the more common questions people ask about dry needling is “Will it hurt?”.

Not all dry needling will hurt, depending on the technique used you may experience a muscle ache for 12-24 hours post treatment. However, most people find the pain to be minimal and resolves quickly with some gentle stretches, analgesics or a hot shower.

More information can be found by clicking on the link on our home page or you can call us on 9351 8737 to speak with one of our friendly staff members


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